Pathway To Your First Class

While your university may use a different online meeting platform (such as WebEx, BigBlueButton, etc.), Professor Rosenberg uses the Zoom platform exclusively.

  1. Download Zoom and install it*.
  2. Join a test meeting and set up your audio and video.
  3. Next, you’ll need the meeting link for your course. This is located on the official course site hosted by your university – almost always either Canvas or Blackboard. 

*Your Zoom name must appear exactly as it does on the course roster. Those Zoom users who are not on the official course roster will not be allowed admittance into any meetings – class lectures or private appointments with Professor Rosenberg. Any penalties incurred because of this issue are not able to be waived.

You are strongly discouraged from using the Zoom browser extension or the mobile versions of the Zoom application in place of the full, desktop version because they may lack certain functionality and compatibility that you may need. So, the rule-of-thumb:  use them only if you must, but be prepared to find a different solution if it becomes necessary.