Appointment FAQs

Click here to book an appointment.

Appointment cancellations are made through our booking system.  See your appointment confirmation email for the cancellation link.

Check your email's spam folder.  We use the Calendly booking application, so be sure to whitelist emails that come from the domain.

  • Once you find the email, you can add the sender (Calendly) to your contacts, and that should do the trick.
Please note that some university email systems automatically delete emails they believe to be spam.  Therefore, you are encouraged to use your personal email (or some other one) when booking appointments.  And please do remember that technical issues are not grounds to excuse course policy.

Click here to submit a petition to restore your appointment privileges.  In most cases, the petition is approved - however, those who have missed two or more appointments may be out of luck.  In that case, you can still meet with Prof. Rosenberg after a class or by attending an Open Office Hour - see your syllabus and/or the course website for more information on Open Office Hours.

While this may seem harsh and unnecessarily protracted, it isn't.  Professor Rosenberg has a great many students from different institutions vying for limited appointment slots.  So, to nip in the bud a student who might otherwise grow to interfere with his time, this policy is indeed necessary.

No; the booking system is only for current students.  Please contact Professor Rosenberg to book an appointment.