Three Helpful Zoom Videos

Zoom FAQs

All students are required to use the desktop version of Zoom regardless of the technology solutions an institution has adopted.

The Zoom Meeting URL is listed on the homepage of your course site (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.).

Click here for Zoom's user help system.

  • Course Lectures:  Make sure that you're using the most recent (updated) link by checking your course homepage.

  • Office Hour Appointments:  When you booked the appointment,  you should have received a confirmation email with the link.  You can also click here for this information.

Students should use the most up-to-date desktop Zoom client. Other Zoom apps lack the functionality of the desktop application which may prevent you from completing in-class assignments, etc.  Remember that technology issues are never valid excuses from course policy.

All students must have working webcams and mics.

  • For class meetings, students may turn off their webcams until or unless Prof. Rosenberg requests that they be activated.  However, they must always be used during Office Hour appointments.
  • The use of the chat function in place of a working mic is prohibited for any Zoom meeting.